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2007 European Tour, Report # 19, June 30 to July 2

Report # 19, June 30 to July 2

                           MOTOR ADAPTATION FOUNDATION
                                    WORLD TOUR   2003-2012                                           
                                     EUROPEAN TOUR    2007
                                          May 3rd to July 11th   

Following is a brief summary of the team’s activities from June 30th to July 2nd
June 30th

We had decided to all go together on our bicycle today and leave the Mercedes Vito at the Inn’s parking lot. We left at 8h30 and returned at 17h00 after 190 km.
We completed a most pleasurable ride all around Leman Lake under ideal conditions. Light winds, light clouds, light traffic on this Saturday, and the best of all, we were all together and very proud of this record day of our whole run so far. Michel, closing our platoon, felt like the Pope, distributing blessings to his flocks. Helen reminded him that the Pope Mobil has no pedals!!

True story on bikes:
After two hours around the lake we lost our way somehow. We hailed at a young 63 years old cyclist who not only got us straighten out but accompanied us for 25 km pointing at the wonders of the area. A true road angel.

The hart touching event of the day:

Actually there were three; circling Leman lake , going almost 200 km, and living through uninterrupted great pleasures, going from Switzerland to France and back , following the Rhone river and letting  the various perfumes take our mind away.

July 1st

Today, the Lord’s Day, we mainly traveled to Mulhouse and only pedaled 15 km through town to our Youth hostel. We are needed to wash, eat and rest in preparation of an approximate 100 km tomorrow. In the evening we went back to town, 6 km each way to help digest our heavy dinner.

True story on bikes:  Someone managed to write obscene graffiti aimed at police on our improvised license plate that we had protected with waxed paper.

The hart touching event of the day:  We met an off-track champion on the steps to St-Stephen Church. He seemed to be a mountain bike bum that had sacrificed everything to his hobbies including his last girl friend. He has been a France wrestling champion also. He is planning his own Tour de France and thinks that his bicycles mean freedom. He might settle down but it may not be for a while.

The challenge of the day:  Keeping the light on in an 8 sleeping people dormitory to write your next day news release!

July 2nd

With our last days' performance and today’s 103 km we shall go to sleep tonight at a mere 101, 5 km from our 4219, 5 km objective......
  We followed a canal from Mulhouse to Colmar, a most pleasant detour. We hit some light rain after a while but were not really annoyed by it. We had some nicely warm air with a reasonable face wind. No hills no pass to go through, a straight road with light traffic made the day enjoyable.

In the evening we had our ‘’choucroute’’ dinner at Pfeffel, a 30 minutes walk from our Inn. The Alsace wines are very well known namely; 

  1. The Sylvaner
  2. The Pinot Blanc
  3. The Riesling
  4. The Muscat d’Alsace
  5. The Pinot Gris
  6. The Gewürztraminer
  7. The Pinot noir
          …and a few more.

Michel is melting away. He now wears his watch at the elbow. He was thinking of wearing it around his neck but we recommended against that, explaining that it would make it difficult for him to tell the time. He has to tie his rings to his wrist to save them. Jean has his usual depressed belly. Helen goes to the hair dresser to have the impression of loosing weight even if she is as big as a nail and flies on her bicycle. Richard and Clermont keep adding holes to reduce their belt.

Where is the truth?  You all know Jean’s fervor for hockey. He claims that, while Jean Béliveau was the most elegant player, Mario Lemieux remains the best one.

Seeing beyond team. 

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