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2007 European Tour, Report # 12, May 29 to 30

Report # 12, May 29 to 30

                             MOTOR ADAPTATION FOUNDATION
                                      WORLD TOUR   2003-2012                                            
                       EUROPEAN TOUR    2007,
May 3rd to July 11th 

May 29th

We stopped at Monsieur Blanc’s, a Riom bicycle shop for some repair work on the tandem’s rear wheel and some adjustments on Helene’s bicycle.

This day of rest was filled with cultural and social activities. Under François’ escort we went through Riom center, its numerous historical mansions and the City Hall whose interior court displays two of Rodin’s sculptures. One represents a portion of Camille Claudel’s bust and is of an inspiring beauty. The other, an immense white marble masterpiece titled ‘Le baiser de l’Ange’ shows an angel taking in the last breath of a dying soldier. Rodin’s presence was strongly felt and led us to mystical meditations. Our tour ended with a visit to a tourist center where we could actually touch the sculptures and where explanations were available in Braille. François did a fine job of awakening us to the charms of his small town.

We also rode the city streets on our bicycle with François heralding our world tour details on a P.A. system. Handicapped peoples, member of the Lion’s and of two local bicycle clubs (the Vélo Club and the Cyclo Club) accompanied us. The presence of Yannick Bourseau, a Paralympics medal winner, was most appreciated.

With the cooperation of the Lions Club and the elected members of the city council we held a very dynamic press conference. Jean-Pierre Gonzales, an engineer moving on a wheel chair and expressing himself through a digital system explained the difficulties finding employment. The following day, the local paper ‘La Montagne’ published a well written article on the group ‘’seeing beyond’’.

A dinner offered by the Lions Club allowed us many interesting and enriching exchanges. The Club welcomes women, 7 of the 32 members are female. Hugues Casset succeeded in organizing this perfect reception. Our friend Philippe, a professional veterinary was very amusing.

The dinner served at 20:00 started with a Kir, followed by hors d’oeuvres, shrimp taboulé, breaded lamb, assorted cheeses and an iced orange chocolate cake. The free flowing wine was from the Château Lauduc. We Quebecois go first class or we stay home, ha-ha. !!!

May 30th

Marie-Claude once again had a delicious breakfast for us. Everyone being busy updating e-mails, booking reservations for the days ahead and another visit to a bike shop, Marie-Claude looked after our friend Jean.

Daniel Gardon a member of the Riom Bicycle Club who rode with us yesterday showed us the way to Clermont-Ferrand.

Once in Clermont-Ferrand we rendezvous at the municipal stadium to regroup and leave for our night place. Pierre Rodin a cheerful and colourful poet received us as heroes. In the evening we visited the City Hall with Mme Rougerie responsible for the sporting activities. This lady participated to the Montreal 76 games. We also met her husband an ex pro football player. Her son Aurélien is on the Clermont-Auvergne ASM Club.

 Michel met with Jamie Cudmore from Squamish B.C. Jamie was selected 17 times on the Canadian national team. He now plays with the Clermont-Ferrand Club. At 1, 98 m and 117 kg, he is impressive. We wish good luck to that team which holds the best chances to win its division title.

We were generously wined and dined by Pierre Rodin in a well known restaurant next to the City Hall. Once again everyone at the table was in a joyful mood. Having just published a book on his tour of Morocco, Pierre Rodin explained his solitary travelling by his poetic personality and his passion for photography.

Fully energized by the warm contacts of all those generous people, we are now ready to take the road to Ambert.

For those who are just joining us, our web site is: 

Visit it and you will learn more about us and our general objectives. You may wish to assist us by getting involved according to your possibilities, or by benevolent work or a donation or simply by promoting our activities through your own personal life style.

The group ‘’ seeing beyond’’ unites 70 peoples with 5 of them touring Europe presently. We mainly aim at helping people becoming aware of their full potential despite of some apparent limitations.

Team Seeing beyond.                                

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